To play the game you need 20 cardboard boxes, 16 sheets and 4 players.

Download and print sheets:
Download this ZIP file containing 4 PDFs:
– PDF 01 needs to be printed out on 4 green paper sheets .
– PDF 02 needs to be printed on 12 white paper sheets.
– When displaying the game at an exhibition PDF 03 and 04 should be printed in poster size and put on the wall

Build boxes:
For Ordnungswissenschaft you need 20 boxes in total, each 20 cm (8 inches) in width, depth and height. Preferable, the boxes shouldn’t get much bigger nor smaller than this because otherwise people will have trouble stacking them. The boxes should be made out of either cardboard paper or some other light material.

You can order these boxes from the US  here for example. Take the “888W” and it will cost you $9.50 without the shipping costs.

Game Setup:
Follow the instructions in PDF 03 to setup the game.

For exhibiting Ordnungswissenschaft or any commercial use please contact marekplichta {the the at symbol} gmail {then the little dot} com.
Free for private and non-commercial use as well for teachers working in education.